Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top 5 Future Tech & Gadgets

My last video received 39 comments and it shows that I have a trustworthy group of supporters! In return I wanted to share some future gadgets that I'm sure will keep you entertained. Enjoy and Thanks!

5) Transparent Toaster - Maximix is preparing to release a see-through toaster, this concept uses special heating glass to toast a slice of bread. Unfortunately the glass is unable to reach the heat to actually "cook" toast. You will be able to adjust the specific heat and therefor it's nearly impossible to burn toast!


(4) Curved iMac Concept - With it's disctictive curved widescreen the iVision takes the normal flatscreen entertainment and curves it for maximum enjoyment.

3) Optimus Tactus Keyboard
This keyboard is going to revolutionize the entertainment world as we know it. With the LCD touch tablet display this will make music production, video editing, and photo viewing to the next level.

2) Urinal Video Game System - "On Target" Pressure sensitive display, you play games while keeping the washroom clean and sanitized. Imagine pissing out a video game simulated fire.

1) Heliodisplay M2i - Holographic Desktop navigation. virtual touchscreen with cursor control. The first ever shatterproof  monitor. This is the future!


  1. Super negative comment incoming!

    >Transparent Toaster

    Unless the glass can heat up and cool down fairly fast, this seems like it'll be inconvenient. The nature of toast also makes me think it'll be very susceptible to ugly scratches. Seems like it only holds a single slice of bread, too.

    >Curved iMac Concept


    >Optimus Tactus Keyboard

    The first Optimus keyboard didn't change shit due to its ridiculous price and sketchy ergonomics. I doubt this one will.

    >Urinal Video Game System

    I dislike urinals to begin with. The maintenance costs on these may end up undoing any potential saved janitorial costs.

    >Heliodisplay M2i

    I doubt this will be able to reproduce vivid color in the same way high-end monitors can. The price is also probably going to be rapetastic.

    Sorry if this comment is overly negative, but it seems like most of this stuff is just futuristic fluff. Where's the true innovation?

  2. Haha I've been waiting for a see through toaster forever. I hate burning toast.

    And gamer urinals? That's a little too extreme for me.

  3. the keyboard is fucking awesome :O totally need it when it comes out!
    can't believe the hologramms in the vid are real... would be too...dunoo, awesome :>

  4. The urinal games would have to be pretty short - unless installed in prostate cancer clinics.

  5. that would be a pretty badass toaster if they did it right!

  6. keyboard and display looks awesome. Will be some time for somethign like that to be worthwhile in price and what you get tho.

  7. Haha, awesome gadgets man. Seen a couple of them before though :)

  8. great post! i like it
    supportin & folloing you!

  9. id take em all if they were free

  10. I dig the curved iMac, and the key board.

  11. Haha wow. Those look crazy. I couldnt tell if they were legit or not though, like, are they actual products you can buy?

  12. I'd put #5 at #1 instead, lol. I love toasted bread‼

  13. fraid i cant see any of these working

  14. While all that stuff is well and good, what we really need is a way to completely prevent carpal tunnel. New mouse and keyboard designs for sure, or better yet, new peripherals altogether!

  15. on the day i piss on a LCD screen i will truly be in the "future"

    can't wait...

  16. The urinal game already exists in some bars I think. Strangely enough I think you can compete against other people.

    I want that toaster though.

  17. Transparent toaster, it deserves to be the first ever xD

    I'm back bra, maybe you can find interesting my new post.

  18. too bad ray bradbury died, he was a TRUE innovator...