Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amazing Space Chart!

Welcome back to Galactic Astrodub & Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

This chart always opens my eyes to possibilities of other life in this galaxy or possible other homes for earthly residents. We only have discovered and really researched a fraction of planets in our solar system; to think that we know of the existence but not the enviroment to each. With better telescopes that will change.



    I dont get this. Solar system without sun and yet they managed to list planets as per scale?

    Immediately we think about life in other planets and expect them to be as intelligent as us. I dont know, how many species are there in Earth and how many managed to fly out of space and explore? And in the same planets we had been living together with cats and dogs yet we cant communicate with them, how do we expect to communicate with alien creatures?

    The smallest particle Atom and universe both work same way - electrons/planets revolve around sun/nucleus in orbits and if that is broken - Apocalypse or Atombomb.

  2. Hahaha I totally agree. I feel like if we were to interact with a foreign species the forms of communication they use might not be vocal. I think anyone can understand what someone else is trying to tell them, whether it's hand gestures or emotions through their faces. It's a lot like how you communicate if you were to travel to a different country speaking a different language.

  3. "hand gestures or emotions through their faces"
    - Say dogs communicate their love and affection by shaking their tail or licking us, but we express it with our smile and hugs and gentle caress . If dogs mimick humans or if humans mimick dogs to express their love it going to be ugly. How exactly do we anticipate aliens to eat with mouth and say hi with hands, they maynt even have those body parts. Just saying ..;-)

    I am not preparing for alien invasion or practicing for the take over by them.

    1. LOL might as well not prepare for an alien invasion. If they have the technology to travel such a distance of 1000's of lightyears, I doubt we would have the technology to stop them if they wanted to kill us. It's always nice in the movies to see us putting up a fight though, lets just hope they are friendly. Who know's though we may be the most intelligent or even the only life in the universe.

  4. I sometimes feel I'm the alien among a bunch of earthlings. Do you know that feeling? It would be great to live forever so see what the future and space exploration have in store.

  5. I still believe that there are other life beings on other planets, its just going to take a while to find em.