Saturday, June 23, 2012


Oz Pinoy has a great, unique perspective on life; Your mind is like a fertile garden, whatever you think is what you plant in it; what you think is what you are and if you don't maintain the garden it will start to grow weeds (negativity) so you must fertilize the positive thoughts with sunshine and water and food (positive friends). He also mentions that the mind will sub conciously eavesdrop on actions and words that you make so thinking positively only goes so far; you also need to act and be positive and then you will start to fertilize your goal.
Remember to think positively!


  1. It's eerie. I was planning on doing a blog about self-improvement, motivational type issues before I even saw this. But then I got lazy and didn't, so I guess I am beyond help even for Mr. Pinoy.

  2. Pep talkers, motivational speakers, sorry not my cup of tea. This is more like authors of how to become a millionaire and how to win lottery. There is a saying right, "doers do, others preach or teach" , don't remember exact quote. I prefer to read autobiographies of successful people or listen to them rather than this spiritual gurus and bunch of nobodies. Do you think if Zuckerberg gives a motivational speech anyone gonna listen, they can't talk well, but can do well, whereas these folks, can only talk.

    All these spiritual gurus in India get caught in scandal a little later and always have foreigner devotees, that could be the reason for my loss in faith ;)

  3. Great simile, he's got a lot of good's hard to keep out the weeds sometimes too.

  4. This guy actually makes a lot of sense

  5. Very good reminder!!!! I've been trying to work on this lately, myself! Thanks for sharing :)